jailbreak for ios 12 update status (Enc0ver)

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jailbreak for ios 12 update status. let’s go directly into the news starting off we have news about to iOS 12 exploits.  now this news comes directly from a fan a new team successful exploit ios 12.1 by 360 security. They gain full access to the iPhoneX ios12 through a type confusion jet bug in Safari and a UAF bug in the kernel.

it’s the first jailbreak with app own contest in the world winning the highest reward. I’m guessing this is some sort of competition but the developers 360 Vulcan team they haven’t released too much in the past but the most interesting part about all this information is that he says he will release information after it’s fixed so if you want a research iPhone to stay on iOS 12.1.

jailbreak for ios 12 update status

jailbreak for ios 12 update status

Now, this is some of the first news that we have working iOS 12.1 exploits and that there potentially going to be released to the public once Apple has fixed them again this is by a member of the 360 Vulcan security research team. so it will have to go through the approval process getting patched by Apple before we see any of this information be released but it’s just incredible that we have more developers more exploits and more people on the scene essentially jailbreaking and exploiting iOS 12.1 so that is incredible news some more developers yet again on the iOS 12 jailbreak scene.

iOS 12 Jailbreak Update! NEW Exploits: iOS 12 – 12.0.1

jailbreak for ios 12 update status

Now if we go back to you mang who also is working on iOS 12 exploits he actually performed damn which I talked about in one of my recent videos so check that if you guys want more information about that but interestingly enough he tweeted this out just a day ago saying just to reiterate do not upgrade to iOS 12 if you want to jailbreak anytime soon I was 11 point X even greater than or equal to 11.4.1 is fine so I’m guessing this means iOS eleven point four and eleven point four point one could be receiving some awesome exploits here by this developer it’s really surprising to me that he is not releasing his exploits for iOS 12 who knows they might actually work but it sounds like iOS 11 is going to be a lot easier to crack or to take these exploits and put them into a utility for the end-user again who knows what to wait and see exactly what this developer releases he’s been working on some awesome exploits and doing some awesome research on his own time again he just performed a jailbreak demonstration on iOS 12.1 like I just talked about in my last post.

the latest jailbreak ( ios 11.0 to ios 11.3.1 and 11.4 (beta3) )

we’ll have to wait and see exactly what he is releasing it sounds like what he’s been working on will work on iOS 11 and it might be a lot easier to take those exploits and put them into something like uncover or Electra a lot quicker than it would be to develop an entirely new utility for ios 12 update status. anyway guys that is just the quick update I wanted to share with you today sounds like we have some awesome news pertaining to an iOS 12.1. more developers coming to the scene potentially going to be releasing more exploits we have actually some news about an iOS 11.4.1 and 11.4 jailbreak so hopefully in the near future again this is the big hype train but hopefully we will be receiving a new hack utility sooner than later again we will keep you updated here.

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